To Tree or Not Tree

By reading this, you are now more in touch with the environment because you accessed the internet much like a tree. You “logged” on.

Nonetheless, this beautiful 100 ft tall tree in Costa Rica is full of life and filled with it’s on natural pots. These natural pots containing other species of tropical foliage. Although you may not be able to get this gigantic tree on your property, remember to plant your trees at least 8 to 10 feet away from your home.

Some other factors to consider are which type of trees to consider and how their roots expand. I once heard about mature trees is there are twice as many roots below ground than what you see above ground. Therefore, you do not want roots growing to your house!

Now that you are more knowledgeable about trees, please answer this question. I’m the part of a tree that is not in the sky or underground. I can move throughout the day and change shape. What am I?

Published by Agent Mulder

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