Home Maintenance Dairies Part I (Refrigerator)

When your refrigerator is doing one or more of the following; water in cube tray not freezing, freezer compartment not very cold, refrigerator inside temperature warmer than usual, when refrigerator shuts off it gives a loud thump, the air that is coming from the refrigerator at the bottom is hotter than usual or you notice a burned/discolored spot on the tile or linoleum, this may indicate a blockage of airflow, a dirty condenser, fan not running, or possibly paper or other objects blocking the air flow and fan.

In some cases this can be prevented just by doing the following few things;
1. Make sure the refrigerator is not pushed up against the wall(condenser side).
2. Do not place papers on top of the fridge where they can fall down behind it.
3. Enter into your calendar to clean the condenser coil every 6 months (under the fridge in the fan area) using a vacuum cleaner and a brush that will allow getting the deeply embedded dirt/dust out of the coil area.
4. Only store leftover foods, liquids in air tight containers, this reduces the frost buildup on the cooling coil.
5. Make sure when you open the doors about 2/3rds of the way open then it should close on its own. If this does not occur on its own, the fridge needs to be adjusted by screwing the rollers. They have adjustable feet/rollers that can be screwed out by raising the unit up in the front causing the doors to close on it’s own.
6. The temperature control factory suggested settings are set @ 5 for freezer and 5 for the refrigerator area (the lower the number the warmer the temperature wil be, some use the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and so on with A being the warmest  and F being the coldest setting.
7. If you have an older box that does not defrost itself, DO NOT USE ANY SHARP OBJECTS TO REMOVE THE ICE BUILDUP from the freezer compartment because if you puncture the freezing coil you will have destroyed the box or you can have a repair shop fix it for a large sum of money (cheaper to buy another box).  Don’t be a victim of a high repair bill.

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Featured App

How do you navigate around the city traffic of the Nicholasville Road “traffic light escapades” or “escape from Newtown Pike,” and perhaps bypass the bypass in Versailles due to unforeseen road issues? Give the Waze app a try. It works well when you need to know the location and severity of traffic before and along your route. What works best with this app is when other happy “Wazers” share their knowledge of existing conditions in real-time.

There are few drawbacks in which I believe are minimal: (1) data usage if you have limitations on your data plan and (2) no walking feature on the app. Regardless, the 2-3 or traffic issues I have run into occurred when I didn’t use the Waze app on routine trips. Also, I figure the data usage of this app minimal for routine use based off a recent trip from Lexington to Lawrenceburg that used 0.3 MBs. That being said, I recommend this app for everyone and wish you all safe and swift travel throughout the Bluegrass using Waze!

Rush hour traffic in the city center.