Invest in Land or Maybe Not?!?

Appreciation of land is based on speculation; therefore, where do you look to fill your own intuitive drive on this investment? You could invest in raw land that you think is in the path of growth; however, that may be a long time to wait for profit since central KY appears somewhat resistant to urban sprawl. InContinue reading “Invest in Land or Maybe Not?!?”

Park or UBER to Rupp Arena Event?!?

Ok, so you have tickets to the UK game or Rupp Arena event and have considered driving downtown thru heavy traffic to search for free parking like Pac-Man or Mrs. Pac-Man searching for a Power Pellet being chased by ghost. Problems arise when everybody else is trying to doing the same thing to navigate the maze of downtown in around the timeContinue reading “Park or UBER to Rupp Arena Event?!?”

Some People are Heroes By Choice

Bluegrass Beauty of KY & Heroes By Choice has found that you don’t have to go far to find heroes that inspire us everyday. Heroes don’t just wear capes. They also wear uniforms, scrubs and casual shoes or baseball hats. Because of this, a team of professionals have come together for the purpose of providing instantContinue reading “Some People are Heroes By Choice”

Celebrate Everyday! (Jan 1-6th)

Happy New Year to all! I once heard that people live longer & fuller lives if the “have religion” and celebrate often. I can’t give you religion but I can give you something to look forward to celebrating everyday! *Copyright Law Day (don’t let the “copy-cats” still your next billion dollar idea!): 1 *Commitment Day:Continue reading “Celebrate Everyday! (Jan 1-6th)”


KNOW OF ANY COACHES, FRIENDS OR FAMILY FACING HOMELESSNESS? The LBAR has grant money available to pay deposit and first month’s rent for households experiencing homelessness who have documented income to pay ongoing rent. Expanding Housing Opportunities The Lexington-Bluegrass Association of REALTORS® (LBAR) was awarded a $15,000 grant from the National Association of Realtors®’ HousingContinue reading “FIGHT HOMELESSNESS!”

What’s the Bright Idea?

The CNET Light bulb buying guide at gives great information on lighting options to buy; however, we should take note on what effect lighting exposure has on our homes and physical well being. From what I have experienced, older lighting with ultra-violet (UV) radiation turned my white trim and fixtures light yellow in myContinue reading “What’s the Bright Idea?”

Home Maintenance Dairies Part II (Furnace)

And now before the first Farmer’s Almanac predicted freeze, I present the furnace. The furnace is a work of art if it is working properly but a pain in the butt if it is not operating at it’s peak. Unfortunately, several things will reduce it’s efficiency, but there are things you can do to help your furnaceContinue reading “Home Maintenance Dairies Part II (Furnace)”

Home Loans for Kentucky’s Veterans

Please pass on to the veterans in your life that the KY Housing Corporation has $3 million for special funding for active duty or non-active duty veterans at 2% interest rate, fixed for 30 years! This is FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED! Why spend $12,000 (calculated on a rent of $1,000 per month) per year on aContinue reading “Home Loans for Kentucky’s Veterans”

Home Maintenance Dairies Part I (Refrigerator)

When your refrigerator is doing one or more of the following; water in cube tray not freezing, freezer compartment not very cold, refrigerator inside temperature warmer than usual, when refrigerator shuts off it gives a loud thump, the air that is coming from the refrigerator at the bottom is hotter than usual or you notice a burned/discolored spot onContinue reading “Home Maintenance Dairies Part I (Refrigerator)”